I have not kept Your righteousness to myself, sealed up in the secret places of my heart;  instead, I boldly tell others how You save and how loyal You are.  
I haven’t been shy to talk about Your love, nor have I been afraidto tell Your truth before the great assembly of Your people. Psalm 40:10 (Voice)

Speaking from my heart I authenticly share my relationship with headshot cropJesus. Offering motivation through transparency to inspire genuine  faith in others. We journey together to become Fully Devoted Followers of Jesus.

Are you looking for someone to speak at your Women’s eve
nt, workshop, small group, or conferance?  

I would love to talk with you about the possiblity of being a good fit for your event.  I can tailor a talk to fit your special needs or you can choose from some of the topics below.

I speak from a heart of love and compassion.  Sharing my own testomony and the things I have learned being a fully devoted follower of Christ.

This Isn’t The Way It’s Suspose To Be God.          How my life changed and how I learned to depend on my Heavenly Father despite two back surgeries, two knee replacements, the loss of my husband and a business.  Praising God for His Healing.  Even when it is not what I thought would happen.

When Unforgivness Poisioned my Heart    How forgiving opened my heart for healing.


Understanding Grace & Mercy    How I discovered that giving Grace and Mercy  renews my peace.

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Psalm 37:7a